Do not slow play unless u got nuts. period!

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      Full Tilt Poker Game #10384257447:

      $11 + $1 KO Sit & Go (78529512),

      Table 4 - 300/600 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em -

      Hero on the button(13400) dealt with :heart: A :club: A

      MP+3 (13000) raises to 1800.

      Hero reraises to 4000

      MP+3 calls.

      Pot: 10000

      Flop: :spade: K :club: 4 :diamond: 5

      Hero checks

      MP+3 checks

      Turn: :heart: 4

      Hero bets 4000

      MP+3 is all in

      Hero calls

      Hero shows a pair of aces [A,A]

      MP+3 shows a pair of nines [9,9]

      River: :heart: 9

      MP+3 wins the pot with 9 fulls of 4s


      I knew this guy did not have a kings,4s or 5s.

      I tried to represent an idiot who reraised with a low pair

      or AQ, AJ .

      Check on the flop and a probish looking bet on the turn

      n this guy thought for a while and all inned on me,

      which is exactly what I wanted.

      It worked perfectly until the @!(@$! river came.

      Man. Protect ur hand at all costs!!!!

      Do not slow play unless u got nuts!

      Slow playing is gonna make u jump off the cliff sooner or later!
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