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    • MaHnaK
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      I have joined mansion, I saw post in the forum which says if the amount is below $50 after 90 days they will take the remaining amount. I have question for you guys, If I have acquired 2000 points well before 90 days and if my amount is still below $50 for some kind of bad swing at the time when they are calculating, will they still take the amount off from my account...

      Thank you.
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi MaHnaK,

      your free 50$ bonus expires after 90. In order to keep the 50$ starting capital you have to collect 2000 mansion points within this period.
      If your bankroll is below 50$ only the amount that is available will be deducted no matter if you dropped below 50$ because of bad luck or because of bad play.

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    • wininagn
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      I just got a mail saying I can get a second start up 50$ on mansion. I have not played much since christmas but I had a good session over the weekend and I worked out I should have the required 500 strategy points. The problem is my account hasn't been epdated since 28th Jan so I dont know for sure. When will my points be updated?