Bonus Help Please!

    • Jelenina
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      Hey all :)

      I'm new and was wondering how I go about clearing the other $100 bonus on PartyPoker. I got my $50 bonus for signing up, but I don't really understand the bonus menu in PartyPoker. It's only showing me how to clear the $50 bonus so I can withdraw that.

      Anyone know? Any info would be muchily appreciated :)
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    • straddler71
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      You need to collect so many points to clear the initial $50, can't remember how many points you need. After that is cleared you start working on the other $100 and its paid out in increments of $25. Again needing points to clear each increment of $25. As far as I know you can't withdraw the original $50 until you have that amount cleared. I would clear the $50+$100 and then think about making a withdrawal. But wait until you have the other $100 cleared as well before making a withdrawal. Hope this helps.
    • deving42
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      it's 300 party points to clear the original 50$. You then clear 25$ of the bonus for every 150 points on party. Hope that helps.