Ladbrokes is migrating? to where?

    • erptech
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      After I noticed I'm not recieving any player points, I wrote them and this is what i got...

      Thank you for contacting Ladbrokes Poker.

      I can confirm that all player points have been reset and that Player
      points will no longer be earned from Monday 02/02/09. However you will
      now earn Tournament Points (or TP?s for short). The re-naming of these
      points will more than likely happen after we migrate to the network. In
      the mean time they will still show as Player Points in your account.

      These points will not have an expiry date and will carry over once we
      migrate to network, then you will be able to use the newly named
      Tournament points to join Network guaranteed tournaments and some
      selected Ladbrokes only tournaments (MTT?s only).
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