Nl20 Hu

    • Dragar
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      So am playing HU right now on cake and got a problem.

      I am confident playing it vs most players on this limit and do beat them... but the rake is insane.

      Just now it took me roughly 1 hour 20 mins or so to stack this guy, he had a bit under half stack first and than reload with full stack (He managed to get like 3 suckouts, one being major for around 12$, so it took some time). Overall he lost 27-28$ to me.. but I am only up 20$. Thats pretty insane rake.

      So overall is it more profitable to play than NL20 HU than NL20 Sh for example in the long run, or should I do something else till I get rolled for NL50?

      Also whats BRM for HU normally like? I play it with 26BI right now... but am already pretty aware how big variance can be because of this last match.
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