Semi-Bluff a good play?

    • Kreatief
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      as learned from some coachings, I often start a semi bluff.

      Lets say I have AKo and raised preflop. I have two or three more callers. Flop is
      QT7. Normally I have to bet, cause I was preflop raiser. And even if all call, I have to bet on the turn. Thats the behaviour I learned in the coachings.

      Whenever I try this, it nearly never works! Most people call down to the river, except of maybe one person. And this is quiete expensive for me. I have to pay 3-4 BBs for this semi bluff.

      My question here: Does it really make sense on levels like 0.02/0.04$? Wouldnt a passive play be better, and check/fold if you didnt hit the flop at all?

      This is where I lose most of my BBs during a session, and I am not sure if this is a good way to play on micro limits.

      What do you think?

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    • sholvar
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      Semi-Bluffs are good moves, when they are used right.
      You didnt give enough information in your example. Thats why i think you didnt understand this topic.
      There is a huge difference between semibluffing against 3 opponents than against 2. Against some opponents you dont want to bet this flop with more than one oppnent and against a very loose opponent you maybe dont want to bet here against this lone opponent because you think you maybe get a freecard or a totaly bluffraise from one of your opponents.
    • Kreatief
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      Thats why i think you didnt understand this topic.

      Maybe thats why I am asking...

      I always heard from the coaches: Play agressive, if you raised preflop, you have also to bet the flop.

      Please tell me how to play this, and if it is really worth doing that on microlimits, as I have a different meaning of that!

    • Milchmann
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      don't bet the flop if u have more than 2 callers and just bet the turn too if there is just one more player left.
    • eplc
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      Of course you need to be sure if there's some fold equity, therefore reads are essential here. When you're playing against 2 calling stations for example you should be sure to be still ahead. In this example you probably are but you can't be sure about it.
      Further it depends on the situation preflop. E.g. there were 2 coldcallers which most likely hold a pocket pair when coldcalling your raise preflop. If you can't be sure to make them fold it you shouldn't bet the turn again.

      Anyway you have to bet the flop again to kick one player at least. Let's say both of them call, semi-bluffing on the turn would be a bad move in most cases here, so you can decide to check/fold or check/call which again depends on you opponents and the pot size, etc.

      All in all you need much more infomation about your opponents, the preflop and flop play and you need to be able to analyze the board structure. This takes some practice, carefully listening to coachings and reading the articles.

      To answer your question: yes, in many situations with more than 2-3 opponents on the flop you can c/f here. But just to keep it right, this flop isn't bad for you at all, the board is still good on the turn :) .
    • Kreatief
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      Thanks alot eplc,

      I will have to rethink all this, cause I acutally feel its better for me to c/f. This saves some money.

      Of course, not every time, but in most cases.

      Thanks again!

    • GaBOwneD
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      anyways, u also have to consider the board: in this situation, its kinda coordinated, 2 cards are in the playing zone, and one is somehow near it. also think of a potential flush draw, if there's a 2-flush or even more on the board.

      always think of the draws of ur enemies, and if a call for them could be profitable.
    • LastEmu
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      Just remember with semibluffs, they are good plays because they have more than one way to win the pot. 1) They could win it right there, and 2) they could draw to win. If either of these options is gone, semibluffing is not a good play.

      Continuation bets (betting the flop after you raised preflop) are intended to make your opponent fold. It's just a bluff, saying "I have the best hand STILL, don't mess with me!" If 5 players called your PFR, then it's probable someone will still call your cbet, considering it is likely that at least 1/5 hit a hand, and they have very good odds to call the bet.
    • Matthias Wahls
      Matthias Wahls
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      With this board an three opponents I would bet the flop if I had position an everyone checked to me:

      1. There is a possibility that everyone could fold. Well, thats rather small.
      2. A flop bet gains Information. If there remains only one caller on the turn, than a continuation bet there might be right. If two persons stay you should check.
      3. Betting the flop often means betting for a free turn card, since in loose-passive small limt games, people tend to check to the raiser. If two people called your flop bet, you will take the free card if you should not have improved.
      4. You have roughly 7 discounted outs with your gutshot plus overcards.