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Giedrius' blog

    • Giedkis691
      Joined: 23.03.2017 Posts: 2

      Well first of all a bit of introduction and reasoning behind writing this blog.

      I am 19y/o student from Lithuania, currently living in capital Vilnius. Well, i would't exacly call myself a student since i don't actually do it. And that's one of the reasons why i am writing a blog. I've been playing poker since i was 14/15 i have read a lot of articles, wached videos here at pokerstrategy, did some self study, hh reviews, but i always lacked what i now realise the key to succes, the key to happines, and it's not winning lots of money it's a simple satisfaction on achieving. And i could call my self an addict. I love the feeling i get then i succesfully challenge myself. And it took me a lot of time to realise what the line between succeeding and failing is one simple think. Discipline. Few years back i read incredible article here about how you should set goals, not only in poker but in life in general, so you could see the progress, see the mistakes. (maybe someone knows that thread and could send me a link, i would love to read it again). It's the first year of me living away from home, even though i came back to my hometown Ukmerge every weekend to see my Gf, friends, parents. (it's only a 1hour or less journey from Vilnius) Wow i really got cared away, anyway the point is, i realised my life is going nowhere, i am missing classes, only playing poker (i win enouth to have a decent living) but the problem is, i lack discipline, and for all the years i have been playing poker, i have newer ever had a proper brm. And to come to conclusion, the reason behind me writing this blog is, i want to change, for the better, i want to learn discipline and find out my path in life. This blog is not going to be just about poker, i want to become soccesful not only as a poker player but as a person in general, i love psychology so i am going to post a lot of interesting ideas and interesting stuff what i will be trying to implement in my life to become a happier person. I don't want to be a boss, i want to be a leader. And wow i got carried away once again 😂😂 So to put it simply, in this blog i will be updating my journey🖒

      okey and now poker related stuff 😂😂
      i will be playing on stars and 888poker. To begin with, i am going to be focused not on making the maximum profit but on improving my game strategy. I love poker, lots of formats of it, i am playing mainly mtts, but i like to mix in some 6max/hu sngs/nlh, plo sh cash, and a lot of other games from time to time. Recently i have been playing a lot of spin n goes becouse i feel i have a big edge then it comes to 3-15$ spins.
      So i am going to start with a 10$ bankroll, playing only few tables and focuse on implementing things i learn into the game.

      Also i want set my goals, but i still need to do some soul searching so i can write them down. Yet my first goal, and it's an everyday goal, is to read, learn something new, and write it. So my first goal is to update this blog daily (friday-saturday is my free days off to relax spend time in my home town).

      oh and i started writing memos to my phone, ideas what comes to mind, interesting articles with my own words to put it simply.
      i will write 1 life hack or trick to combat bad thoughts, i have been practising it only for a few days but it works like a charm. I didn't try it yet but i think it should work with combating tilt also.
      What you do is put a spoon in your left or right pocket, and then you have a bad thought, just move it to the different pocket. I know it may sound strange and silly but it really works :D so for everyone who's having bad thoughts constantly i suggest to try it, and if anyone is interested just write in the comments and i will find the whole article.

      Okey, i already feel better, like i am doing somethong right, so let the journey begin 👊

      My task for the sunday is to come up with my daily schedule, when to study for college, when to do some reading, learning, playing poker and so on. And i am already in progress, i have made a simple schedule but it still needs some corrections to be made.

      Now i will be jumping to poker, for todays session, and an update before bed is required ;)
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    • BadHabit1989
      Joined: 14.07.2016 Posts: 780
      The Quick Guide to Skyrocketing Your Poker and Life Productivity

      only read first quarter so far, but gotta do something now, do you refer to this post?

      edit: k i read all by now.

      good luck on your journey. may you celebrate prober br management and crush the limits like you should.
      if you want to take poker really seriously you should focus on 1 game and not spread yourself to thin across multiple different games. When u confidently beat one you can add others. but like this u give away edgebuilding.
    • Giedkis691
      Joined: 23.03.2017 Posts: 2
      Yes this 1 indeed, thank you! 🖒

      Thank you for advice, i am planning on focusing at Mtts, but for that a need a proper bankroll, since i am a student, and my parents a not rich and i have 2 brother both needs a bit of material support, at the moment i am withdrawing money everyweek, so i don't have to ask my parents. I finnaly purchased Neteller card, still waiting for it, it will help me be more stedy eith my withdrawals, as money arrives in few mins, since withdrawing to bank takes 3 days, when i needed the money i used to sell 1$ for 0.8€ if i needed money to go to a party or to buy stuff i needed.
      The card should be in this or next week, so my bankroll won't be having such big cut backs as the minimum ammount i could sell was 50$.
      And now i started with 10$ as i can't really afford to deposit more, so i can't jump right to the tournaments, i since i found my leak, i wasn't playing the ranges properly, i am now focusing on learning, playing best poker i can.
      Thank you once more, you just helped me find one of my goals, with is building a proper bankroll, and build my egde playing tournaments 🖒🖒👊