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      id like to introduce my self. My name is Vojtěch and i live in Czech republic (central Europe). Im in maturita class at high school and maturita is behind the door. So i cannot play 100% time Poker.

      About me:

      20y.o student of IT and my hobby are combat sports and poker. I do Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and i did Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu where i reached Blue Belt. In boxing i have score 1:1 Kickboxing 15:5 BJJ something like 130:22 and in MMA by profi rules 1:0.
      Next month i will have another 2 fight by MMA rules. So i train for them 8x per week :)

      In my country is temporary banned GTG MTT. I can play only SnG wich is not big problem. I focus on 45/90 man 1.5$ currently. At the weekend im gonna deposit up to 150$. I had usually roll something between 200-300$ but something happend wrong and id like to come back and make money by playing :)

      My plan is play 50 SNGs during weekend and than i will see soon.
      Id like to ask other SNG/MTT players wich programs do they use for study. How do you study. Where do you find SNGs videos for study etc.. On Twitch are only MTT/cash. I use currently HM2 nothing else. I had HRC but i didnt find them very usefull.

      If is someone who plays similar limits ass me contact me on Skype: Montes.two(Vojtěch Kochta) ;)
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