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      Hi guys! :welcome:
      My name is Daniel.
      I'm 29 years old born in 1987.
      I'm a ludoman.
      I am from the russian-speaking community pokerstrategy.
      I study English here Begin English
      I can listen Nickelback but do not understand anything

      99PROBLEMSS, found me on the my twitch channel. Thank him for it.
      That reminded me of my English.
      But on the channel I speak Russian.
      Blog for motivation in learning English

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    • tonypmm
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      :welcome: :gl:

      Originally posted by Bachinskiy
      I'm a ludoman.
      In English, this disease is seldom called 'ludomania'; instead, it's more often called 'problem gambling' or (colloquially) 'gambling addiction'. Anyway, it was very brave of you to make this hard confession to yourself, and you're now firmly on your path to recovery and you're already studying a lot to eventually become a professional player, good job!

      With regard to your choice of games, it's well-known in the Russian community that you play a lot of poker variants, often several variants at the same time. One of the reasons why I encouraged you to enter the English community is to introduce you to Primrose6789, who has also had a problem with choosing a variant to focus on. (Warning: she's married :f_tongue: ) There was once a lengthy discussion of this problem - I'll give you the exact links shortly.
    • tonypmm
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      Here is the moment in Primrose's blog where the discussion started.

      Also, here's the general advice given by Predrag 'IvicaIliev77' on how people should handle their lives. That post was a start of an interesting discussion too. He has made a lot of such helpful posts in his blog, so I recommend to read as many pages of that blog as you can :f_thumbsup:

      And of course don't forget about Collin Moshman's streams :f_love: I hope that, one day, you'll be able to understand his content well.
    • Bachinskiy
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      Hey, tonypmm!
      Thanks for the advice.
      I don't even know all the words.
      With the help of Google-translator everything that is read probably is not good to read.
      Something like this.
      But while I will train my brain. :f_smile:

      Day 001

      100 english pretext

      1 - Aboard - на борту
      on a vessel or plane. - на судне или на самолете
      Go aboard the ship. - садиться на борт судна
      Be aboard the plane - находиться на борту самолета

      ABC - abc game. :f_smile:

      • A Apple - Steve Jobs, rest in peace.

      a lot of - много, масса

      lot of flax — партия льна - ( At first probably "a" or no. I don't know. Probably need. )
      a lot of money — куча денег
      put a lot of salt — насаливать

      I eat a lot of pasta. - Я ем много макарон.
      Nuts contain a lot of fat. - Орехи содержат много жира.
      He came in for a lot of trouble. - Ему здорово досталось.

    • Bachinskiy
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      tonypmm, how do I remember these words?
      Probably learn.
      • disease - болезнь
      • seldom - редко
      • instead - вместо
      • called - называется
      • often - довольно часто
      • colloquially - разговорный
      • аnyway - так или иначе
      • brave - храбрый
      • confession - признание
      • firmly - твердо
      • path - дорожка
      • to recovery - к выздоровлению
      • eventually - в итоге
      • become - стали

      Laziness - лень
      I must understand why I need this
      Probably I want to develop my brain.
      And perhaps distract from something else.
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      Hi Bach)) Congratulations on the opening of the blog, good luck in your endeavors :f_thumbsup:
    • Bachinskiy
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      Hi, dekwon!
      Thank you for the congratulations :f_thumbsup:
      I'm back :f_wink:

      trying to learn new words :f_wink:

      good formula in google docs (chart/table) -
      =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A1;"en"; "ru")