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PLO/trips/starting hands?

    • MP89EST
      Joined: 30.03.2008 Posts: 385
      how should i play trips on fr when i have 3 overcards on flop that could give me a full house, and there is one raiser who could have full house. what about if that same situation is if the pot was heads up and what about in 6max.

      Are hands with suited ace and a pair with 88 to jj playable even if the 4th card is a dangler.

      Should i play decent hands with danglers in plo 6handed (in/out of position)?
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    • Jim9137
      Joined: 13.11.2007 Posts: 5,608
      Call if you don't have the ace, reraise if you have the ace, or if you are sure the raiser has full house, just call. 3 overcards give 25% equity on the flop, and usually you have excellent implied odds against a made full house. On microstakes, even against trips. I'd go broke with overcards + trips, especially with an ace kicker, in six max and heads up pots, assuming we weren't playing particularly deep. Always consider the hands the opponent is willing to go broke with as well.

      Hands with suited ace and a pair are worth a call, but in FR you don't want to invest too much OOP. It's hard to milk the cash cow when all the cows are behind you. I might get involved in raised multiway pots with the nut flush + big pair, even if the fourth card was a dangler. Most raised pots at the stakes I play tend to be uberpassive...

      You can play a lot of mediocre hands and hands with danglers in position in 6 max. Depends on the table though, so don't go crazy. OOP I'd tighten my handrange considerably, and only play hands I'd play in FR from there.