NLSH grind. Giving it a dedicated shot!

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      I'm 26 and from Norway. I just started playing poker around the new-years, haven't played since 09. Back then, I was a recreational player, in love with the Sunday tourneys at stars, DoNs and 1-2XBI rules at NL100 and NL200. I actually managed to make some winnings i periods, but as you've probably already understood I was probably a loosing player all over. I've been a full-time student & a business entrepreneur the last couple of years and haven't really had the time to take up poker. However, now I've finished(90%) of my studies and that have resulted in some sparetime.

      Around x-mas 2016 I found the interest for poker again. This time I've grown older, and maybe wiser? (can't guarantee the last statement). I tend to get dedicated with my interests, and this has made me putting a lot of hours into studying and developing a style of poker I hope will turn out to be successful. First, I was shocked of how little I actually knew about the game back in the days. Secondly, I'm astonished by the level of skill that I witness in the game today. However, I can't see why I can't beat the game when others can.

      So I've decided to try to make my hobby into a partial income. Moving from a bankroll of $250 and NL10 up towards being able to beat the tables for $2500 earnings per month(winnings+RB). I have no clue whether this will work, as I don't have any data indicating whatever. I only know that I will give it a serious attempt and work hard towards reaching my goal.

      Throughout this blog I will be playing NLSH. Starting on Stars. I'll try to play at least 10k hands per week and try to post updates twice a week to show my progress. I'm using this blog to keep track of my progress and to motivate me keeping structure throughout the challenge.

      I started this challenge 22.03.2017 with a bankroll of $250. Started playing NL10 Zoom.
      I will use a 20-30 Bi BRM depending on the limits I'm on.

      First update:

      Goal: Making $2500 in a calendar month
      Starting BR: $250
      Current BR: $500,70 (winnings+rb) +$250,70
      Current Limit: NL16 Zoom

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