Vote for Blog: FLSH or SnG(Turbo)?

    • PidKoker
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      I am thinking about making a blog so that I can post my interesting hands and track my success as I move through the limits I have a BR of about $1100 on FT and $55 on mansion lol....

      Just wondering what blog do people want to see:

      • FLSH which I would start at .25/.50 on FT and .10/.20 on Mansion


      • Turbo SnGs which I would start at either 2.25 or just start taking shots at 6.50 right away on FT or maybe start grinding on Mansion from the lowest limits BUT they dont have a very large selection...

        I will start as soon as I get a few posts as to what people would like to see would be nice if I could add a vote thingy at the top but I couldnt find out how to add it.

      • So far its 6 for FLSH & 1 for SnG
        I'll choose by the end of the night, but it seems obvious FL will win.

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