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the homepage

    • Hlynkinn
      Joined: 14.06.2008 Posts: 4,998
      I know there is a feedback on the homepage thread somewhere here... didn't feel like thread digging...

      but well my idea is on the homepage... you have a list of the latest 5 posts... I would personally prefer it to be like the latest 10 posts or so... 5 posts is just a small sample size :P

      and also put a "Posted by:"... there... it would make it so much more useful... often when there is a really active post or whatever you don't know if it has been updated by a new post or if it's just still on the top...

      and yeah I've also never understood why only selected news get into the homepage... I mean it's probably good for the guys that rarely view the site to see just some news that matter to them bonus wise or whatever... but for us the forum freaks I wan't to see every new news post on my homepage... just an idea not that it's hard for me to click the news button once a day to read the news :)

      And maybe do some new filters to the coaching window on the homepage... Maybe if the users could choice like only see upcoming Sng & mtt coachings or something like that... Also if you speak two languages you might want to see both the upcoming spanish and english coachings on your homepage or something like that....

      just few ideas I came up with in the last few days...
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    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hey Hlynkinn and thank you for the feedback,

      We will be changing parts of the "Home" page in the near future (maybe even today) so that it once again has more than 5 forum posts.

      The important news show up there - so that you are more or less sure not to miss any important announcements.

      The coaching window is currently designed so that on e.g. the Spanish, or German page the users see both English coachings + Coachings of their respective language. Not sure how complicated it would be to customize the coaching ticker.

      Be sure to comment out the new design that will be up soon :) I hope you will like it.

      Best regards