AA or KK preflop on Titan

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    • Amirapuato
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      Sample size: Last 4 months at Titan (87,637 hands).

      Expected times to be dealt each PP (87,637/221 = 397 times):

      369 times AA
      393 times KK
      409 times QQ
      381 times JJ
      387 times TT

      Some statistics...

      Standard Deviation = 20

      Taking the most extreme case (AA), I'm about 1.40 SD below expectations, which is attributed to standard variance... (in 8% of cases I'd get even less AA) :P
    • rowzee
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      I can't be bothered looking up precise statistics, but by the feel of it I get dealt high paris quite often. On the other hand, it is ridiculously often that I loose 80:20 or even domination (or face an even higher pair).
    • Jaissica
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      Ami, pray tell, what software gives you that data? Elephant?
    • williamtywong
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      yeah, you can use elephant, then filters, to get the numbers.