All in a days work

    • Dragar
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      AA vs KK all-in pre-flop. Flop K
      QQ vs A10. Flop 10. Both all in. Turn 10
      AA vs QQ. Flop full of rags. Both all in. Turn Q
      QQ vs 22. Flop all in. River 2
      AJ vs A8. Flop A. Turn 8 (all in turn)
      AQ vs 89. Flop A8. Turn 9
      QQ runs into AA. All in Pre-flop. No Q. Ok admiditly.. mistake with pre-flop push. However, flop would have been rags with 10$+ already inside, my contibet would have been 7$, re-raise to like 10$.. so same result.

      Oh and of course my wonderful AA set vs 22 set.. river quads for the 22 hand of yesterday.

      I don't know what to say anymore... this is so sick. I am going broke. My BR cannot handle much of this anymore... 20BI left.
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    • Vargan
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      Tell us about the hands that you won?

      How many hands did you play during these "beats"?

      And move down to NL10. You should have 40BI then. :)
    • Dragar
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      Beats continued today..

      AA set vs A5... A2x flop, 4 turn, 3 river

      3 outers happened too.

      Anways dropped 270$ in 3 days... switched downwards to NL10 now.

      again 1, 3 outer beat... A7 vs AQ... A7x flop, Q turn

      But 2 stacks up in like an hour... so its looking alright. I just hope its over now.

      I had 2 AA sets beaten in 2 days... I think thats enough to last me a year now hehe, cause never had more bad beats in 1 year then over the last 2 days :)

      Should be playing NL20 again by the end of the month, hopefully with profit by then.

      35 BI for Nl10 should be enough to grind it back up.