Early stages: How do you play TT, JJ with multiple limpers in front?

    • rowzee
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      I understand that these hands are strong enough to raise, but on the microlimits after multiple limpers in front it doesn't look profitable. Often I have to invest 6-8BB for a normal raise and I know that I'll be usually called by more than one player, which makes contibetting on the flop difficult with the probability of overcards being more than 50%. Should I raise more when there are multiple limpers? Limp myself for set/overpair value?
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    • viewer88
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      It depends heavily on number of limpers, stacksizes, blindlevel, ...

      It's often a good play to limp, often I even limp my jacks (Usualy raise 'm though).

      OOP (in the blinds) I'm a bit more passive with those hands aswell. Definatly with multiple limpers/high blinds.
    • frzl
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      i definately raise JJ every single time (push it directly with enough dead money etc.). it´s just way too strong to limp. of course you sometimes get into difficult postflop situations but as i said: JJ is a monster and you can´t just play it for set value... you will definately get called a lot but most the time these players will be down to 2-3 outs because they call stupid hands like A9, AT and small pockets...
      i raise TT almost everytime as well and most the time i limp 99 though.

      of course it always depends on the situation (as viewer said: blinds, stack sizes etc.) but still i would consider it as a leak if you constantly limp JJ...
    • NickParkes
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      My rules for TT/JJ are.... raise if there are limpers... with a raiser before you, call if you have odds for set value and play for set value... if you raise and you have to raise a big/uncomfortable amount (like 1/3 of your stack) just shove preflop....
    • zario
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      Your question is vague...what level are you at? What is the relative size of blinds to chip stacks.

      I would say 10 10 JJ both play relatively the same against a series of limpers. What is the VPIP of each player....are they loose.

      So many variables...but I will say this...early stages of a SNG or MTT...I am probably going to play my JJ or 10 10 with a call vs. Several limpers and hope to hit a favourable flop....post flop play is key.

      If I am playing against several loose limpers VPIP greater than 25 - then I am raising 6-8x BB depending on my stack....to whittle that number down to one or two opponents.

      In my mind - I've graduated from playing Jacks Aggressively - to be super careful.....I won't go broke with them.