NL SSS Bronze 06.02.2009: SoyCD Replacement Coaching

    • SoyCD
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      Since no Coach was there I took over the SSS Coaching together with Gerv (after Doomknight and KingDippy had apparently done an excellent job filling the gap)

      Even though I made some questionable moves with sometimes questionable reads (which all turned out to be awesome) - it was a quite successful session. Gerv was nice enough to correct me on all the parts where I was playing too loose :D

      Held on NL25 I had the following Stats:
      Hands 333
      VPIP 7,6%
      PFR 7,3%
      Open Raise Late Position: 6,1%
      Fold SB to Steal: 100%
      Fold BB to Steal: 100%
      Aggresionfactor 7,4

      Big Blinds / 100: 47,9

      Amount won $39,85

      Easy money :)
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Haha thanks for mentioning me and Doom Soy :D :D !!! Btw that was the best SSS coachin i had ever been to... lol even tho Soy knew nothin about SSS i pretty sure he managed to play Advanced SSS with no coachin. (ok gerv helped him a lot)

      So becoming an SSS pro Soy?!! with a winrate like that!!! Lol am lookin forward to sunday!
    • xarry2
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      shame on me :( I'm really sorry. To be honest, I totally forgot I was scheduled for this coaching.
      thx very much for doing the coaching. next time I'll be there!
    • Gerv
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      It was a nice coaching :) I catched the right train to my friend's place unfortunately I missed the one back to my Place :( , had to sleep there but couldn't due energydrinks %#U#JFL =(