Not really that notable of a downswing but I was playning FL50 at Mansion trying to clear the new bonus and in a very short 1 table session hit some nice cards. Played very few hands, literally these were the only hands I played all session. I hit pocket K's x2, Q's x1, J's x 2 and 10's x1 and every single time they lost. Ok, not that weird, but every time I lost I lost to AQ.

My wife was watching me play and in one hand an Ace hit on the river and I said to her "you watch this ^&%^%& is gonna have AQ, sure enough he did. 3rd time I was chased all the way to the river betting with nothing and calling re-raises and or 3 bets.

At least earlier today (here) the drunk late night European Maniacs gave me a nice cushion to still leve me up $18.