Moving Up

    • glorioustito
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      Hy guys! I have deposited 10$ at titan poker and i play only hu and so far it's goin pretty good (180$ bankroll). I play 2+0.10$ buy in hu but sometimes when i'm on tilt i play 10+0.50$ or 5+0.25$ to recover fast my early loss. The another day i asked a the forum which is the good bankroll to move up a limit and they told my about 50 buy in-s. So i gave more than 50 buy in and what do u think i should do....move up or to continue with the the 2$ hu? Maybe i wull play with a bit of fear at upper limits and that is not good! By the way my username is is glorioustito13 if u wanna check out my stats and get back to me. Thanks!
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    • Dragar
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      Hey firstly... when on tilt... or when trying to recover losses, don't ever every play 10$ HU or 5$ HU for that matter. Its a good thing you not broke.

      Moving up depends on you. If you scared for the money do it really slowly.
      In your case I would try to move up and see how I feel when playing. If it doesn't work out at all just stick to 2$ a bit longer.