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sss situations

    • mishuq
      Joined: 31.07.2008 Posts: 436
      ok so
      there are some hands were weird situations occur for sss'ers. while in some of them I had full control over the pot and opponents, in other....check/bet in the dark :|

      1) when do you bet in freeplay against 2+ opponents? position doesn't help on flop, nor does top pair middle kicker against several calling stations

      2) against one calling station you didn't hit anything on flop and turn. do you still bet on turn ? ( even if in-position and you are not all-in already, you have very little money left considering PFR and flop bet so trying to push ppl that didn't notice the "fold" button on the screen out of the hand is difficult)

      3) you are in BU with TT/JJ and there is a raise to 2 BB and at least one caller
      how do you play these miniraises ? TT maybe is good to fold here but JJ or AQ could have some good chances over the others
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    • Gafny
      Joined: 05.11.2008 Posts: 337
      In a freeplay situation when you have a made hand you should bet the potsize.

      Against calling stations if you got racks on turn check/fold it down.

      We usually ignore minraises and you should 3bet his raise + 1 time for every caller.