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One Pair and Overcards

    • zoso
      Joined: 17.01.2006 Posts: 425
      Hi all

      Im pretty new to pokergames. I played now about 10'000 hands in 6 weeks and i was thinking this is a good time for a review.

      I started with the 5 $ and worked through the levels not too bad. Now im at 0.25/0.5 with about 230$(inkluding the 100$ Bonus) so i made about 125$.

      Now i checked the entrys in my pockertracker and saw what i felt allready. I lost about 130$ to Overcards and over 200$ to one Pair (finishing Hands). with every other finishing hands i have winning stats.

      Now my Questions.

      What do i wrong or what could i do better?
      Do i play to mutch overcards, one Pairs?
      Is there a way to seperate the stats for one pair to see are these bottom middle or even high pair i lost the money to?
      Or maybe it's normal to loose money in this two because i was on a draw for two pair or sets?

      Thanks for your advise
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    • Milchmann
      Joined: 15.01.2005 Posts: 700
      as far as i know it is normal to make minus with on pair's. there was once a discussion but i can't find the link

      u should post some hands to see if u play them correct :)
    • Stargoose
      Joined: 17.01.2005 Posts: 4,077
      Guess you are referring to the Tab Misc. Stats.. Thats just a pokertracker thingy. In this partucular statistic PT does not only count hands that went to showdown, but also hands you folded preflop or somewhen else. PT just tracks, what final hand you would have had, if you would have reached showdown ...
    • LastEmu
      Joined: 26.02.2006 Posts: 196
      As they said, probably just poker tracker, but if you feel you're showing down a single pair way too often and for way too much money, then you have to remember that small hands like one pair like little pots, and bigger hands like bigger pots. Try to keep the pot manageable to reduce your losses.
    • Matthias Wahls
      Matthias Wahls
      Joined: 31.01.2005 Posts: 2,073
      It is normal to loose money with one pair hands for another reason.
      Many one pair hands on the turn develop toward better hands on the river, ending up money winners. Of course, many stay only one pair hands on the river. But here, you mostly cannot fold for just one big bet because of the pot odds.

      Gereally speaking, a top pair hand on the flop makes you money, since sometimes it helds up, other times it improves to a better hand. Unimproved top pair hands are an underdog to win the pot against many opponents staying to the river.