Starting from scratch!

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      Hello guys... and girls :D , first I would like to say that this is first time in my life that I'm writing a blog, so I'm open for suggestions and advice.

      Poker bio: I've been playing NL Zoom for a couple of years, micro stakes mainly (from NL2 to NL25), and been winning over all. Now I've been having some ruff times past 2 months, had to cash out large chunk of my bankroll, didn't stick to BRM and now I'm left with only 7.99$ in my account.

      Ok, so my main goal would be to grind my way back to NL25 and reach 1000$ as quickly as possible. I will try to post some interesting hands during that time, update you about my bankroll, and what I think are the differences and tendencies in each of the micro steaks, and how I exploit them.

      Btw, I have succeeded this once before, two years ago, starting from only ~4$, girnding 0.25c 45-man SNG, then from 20$ started playng NL2 zoom, from 50$ NL%, 150$ NL10, 300$ 1x table NL25 and 2x tables NL10, and above 500$ playing only NL25 3 to 4 tables. I have reached my goal in about two months, but this time I'm gonna try to do this even faster 8-)
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