Not Getting Strategy Points?

    • sliggy
      Joined: 18.10.2008 Posts: 196
      Hi. When I signed up on PokerStrategy I signed up with Full Tilt Poker. Whenever I play on FTP I accumulate strategy points.

      Since then I've come to my senses and uninstalled FTP. I now play on PokerStars. The thing is, I've told PokerStrategy my account name on PokerStars and it's locked in, but I don't get any points when I play there.

      What's goin' on?
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello sliggy,

      You only receive StrategyPoints for playing on accounts which were created with our bonus code. Did you install PokerStars & register there using this guide: ?

      If you didn't you won't be able to collect StrategyPoints while playing there. If you did use the download link, make sure you have information sharing activated.

      Best regards