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      Hi my dear friends,
      I need help cause of my bad play or my bad luck or whatever. I started playing real-money-games last sunday and my bankroll went up to 7,30$ till yesterday. Today I lost 1,50$ on the .02/.04 limit hold'em tables at PokerStars. Here some stats of my evening session:
      During current Hold'em session you were dealt 185 hands and saw flop:
      - 11 out of 19 times while in big blind (57%)
      - 3 out of 20 times while in small blind (15%)
      - 14 out of 146 times in other positions (9%)
      - a total of 28 out of 185 (15%)
      Pots won at showdown - 3 of 3 (100%)
      Pots won without showdown - 4

      I played about 2h on two tables and used the starting-hand-chart the whole time. As you can my played hands are much lower than the given lowest average of 18%. I dont know if the changes of checking as BB with a terrible hand is already calculated in the lowest average. When the Shc told me to play my hand, I never hit the flop except two times when i won the showdown.
      I won the other 4 pots because of a continuation bet or because i flopped top pair and everyone else foldet. It was really cruel. Is it all just bad luck? I've read WLLH and I think I understood the most parts :-)

      Please tell me how i could loose 1,50 $ in a few hours on such a low limit.

      ty all
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      As you already figured out... bad luck...

      185 hands is really quite a small sample. But what would really interest me is, how did you manage to lose 35 Big Bets in the 28 hands that you played. You won 7 of them, which means you should have won about 20 BB. This means that you have lost 55 BB in 21 hands. 11 times you have been in the Big Blind, which means you probably lost only 1 SB mostly:

      Let's assume in 5 times you just checked preflop and folded unimproved on the flop. If we add the 8 times you paid the blind and did not see the flop and the 20 times you paid the small blind, this gives us 13 SB in the Big Blind and 10 SB in the Small Blind. So you lost 23 SB, 11,5 BB in the rest.

      So you lost more than 40 BB in just 16 hands... You did not even see the showdown mostly. So you probably go to the river and fold there too often.

      But this is just an idea. As is said: 185 hands is too small a sample to give good advice...