My discipline is the way to success

    • REvUp
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      Hello. This is not my first blog.
      I am a gaming cache player on the PS nl2-n5 SH.
       The last time I managed to get rid of it, in order not to merge it once again. "I did not do this often."
       To date, after a break of one month, I decided to return to poker, but not for cash tables, but for tournament poker.
      Since my BR is practically absent, I decided to arrange for myself a small check and unwind my penny.
      The name of the blog chose this way, as I always had problems with discipline and I decided to fix it.
      One of the points of my discipline is to stick to it no matter what.
      The overall goal is in 3 months to gain a foothold in the CIS 180max $ 4.50 and have a monthly income of $ 500 +.
      If someone has a desire to communicate "create a confession, discuss distribution" write, do not hesitate, join friends because it can be a plus both in my and in your game.
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      Hello REvUp

      Welcome on the English PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      First, I have translated your post from Russian to English, because I don’t think there aren’t many Russian native speakers here. If you prefer to speak only Russian you can better start a blog in our Russian forum.

      Further I wish you all the best to improve your game on the cash game tables :gl:

      Best regards,