First of all im Gordon and i im from the UK

I started playing poker a year or so ago just been playing with friends winning a few times but wanted to take my hobby further so goes:I have been playing online for about 3 months now starting of with the poker strategy capital which i must say was great at the time,but as most new online players i was to eager to get my bankroll up and didnt have good bankrolll management.Now i have learned through reading and time how to work a proper bankroll and a good strategy for the game. I have decided instead of investing more money i am going to see if i can do it the hard way and grind it out on the freerolls to see how i get on therefore giving me a challenge rather than wasting my wages every month, i will however be investing a wee penny or 2 in the BOTD as i think this will be good for my poker and if i win X amount then this will also boost the bankroll. Anyway back to the grind so far i have been playing various freerolls etc, nothing so successful to report yet but was in the last few hundred of a couple of freerolls,roll on the next one,My achievements to date have been winning a few 6 seater SnGs, also a 180 player tournament and various heads up to try and build up the bankroll.As a new player i am open to any suggestions, poker is a hobby to me but still take it serious when i play.
NO success in the cash game so far(partly the downfall of my bankroll)
My goals for the future: build up a respectable bankroll through time and hard work
beat the spanish in the BOTD
try to avoid the tilt- has hampered my progrss!