Good afternoon to all the poker players from all over the world. My name is Miguel and this is a warning. I am one of many that was stolen by Unibet.
Unibet stole my money.
Unfortunately I hopened a an unibet account. On 8, july, 2016 I send my doccuments.
Unibet took more then a month to recognize my identity, allowing me to play every day and waste big time in this world wide scam.
If you search in the internet there are a lot cases just like this.

“They are genuine criminals, avoid at all costs”
Skyler in
!They dont want to pay my money(7000$). Ridiculous.”
nl400 reg in
They are more then 20 frauds complains in Poker Sout.
“unibet is not trusted”
Guilhao in
Warning for the danger of unibet in betting in

“Unibet is a scam” in
The fraudolent condut its also discovered by the players of the largest poker site in the world. We can find a lot of complains in PokerStartegy.
“Unibet account closed and winings lost” in;wap
“come whit many issues like account lockout
Sjaak, dutch review in
All reviews are negatives.
“Subject: Alert beats the record of the scam”
Zikko in
More fraud complains in

Wen I try to make my first wihtdraw unibet request documents and more doccuments to recognize my address. They said that I didn’t send the adress. They said I didn’t send in the date. I post in the unibet community and they simple elemineted the profs after some player said that I was right. The adress was there.
I spend 8 months sending doccuemtns . The color , the 4 coners, not accept pdf, then ask in pdf, then the date, then ………………always a big lier.
I am in vacations in Portugal so I informed unibet.
They aske me the nif for transfer my money, and the result was silence and account blocked.
Don’twaste your time whit criminals as I did.
Today I took the day of to contacting today the Brazilian police and MGA, and send to all poker sites in the world.