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BRM question

    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952

      I would like to know if I have 2 poker accounts, one with let's say $80 and other with $50, is it OK to join them bogether in one BR, or should i keep my BRs separated?

      Thank you for your answers!

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    • JJCShot
      Joined: 11.02.2009 Posts: 1
      Hi there,

      I would say there is no reason why you cannot have them on seperate accounts if you like to use different accounts carry on as you are.

      However if you want to use higher stakes I suggest you have your BR together. For example if you have $80 in one account and $50 in the other the highest you should play is 0.05/0.10? where as if you play with $130 in one account you could play 0.10/0.20.?

      Hope you see what I mean, but the choice is really up to you. If there is one site you like more why not use your whole BR on it and move up a limit.
    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998
      Imo You should be carefull with theese "small" amounts. Point is to be able to send money from one account to another. But I'm not sure if it is possible in Your case. I do not know if there is minimum amount to withdraw but moving small part of small bankroll is worthless. Moreover You will not be able to gain maximum of deposit bonuses with small amounts (on most rooms time to time).

      I would preffer to play on one site and create bigger bankroll. Then You can easilly withdraw and move small part of it if necessary.
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello Primzi,

      As long as you are not able to move money around freely you should always treat each of these small bankrolls as your "bankroll" for bankroll management. As such having two small bankrolls means you have to play lower limits than you could with 1 combined bankroll. This is not necessarily bad though - especially if you are just starting out.

      Check out this thread for some info on how to move around your bankroll and what sites you could deposit it on: The First Deposit Bonus Guide

      Best regards