New Pokerstars Stars Reward

    • fredhead
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      What do you guys think about the new loyalty reward program at Pokerstars?

      LINK: PS Blog Announcement

      I know nothing about Chests, but read that it will be an incentive..

      What I hate is that I read they will cancel the actual statuses of all players and start from scratch...

      any thoughts?
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    • tonypmm
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      By means of making rewards more like a game and more fascinating, Stars are cutting their costs - they'll now be able to pay less rakeback on average (10% or so) without too much consumer backlash - they understand that most of their customers are looking rather for fun and variety than for money in their rewards.
    • fredhead
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      they understand that most of their customers are looking rather for fun and variety than for money in their rewards.
      I believe this is true for most rec players. But what about Sharks and long-time regs. They heavily depend on RakeBack to earn a profit right?
    • CRI4BRA
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      a real shark dont need anything to crush the stakes where he is a shark

      a real shark would welcome new changes cause all the ''bad regs'' - lol analogy doug polk- will leave the game sooner or later

      what you read on all forums is just a sad puppy cry of regs who believe they are sharks , when they are just breakeven

      note : breakeven is way way way behind being a shark
    • tonypmm
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      The regs' bottom lines do depend on rakeback even if they're profitable without it, but they're not necessary to maintain online poker at a site where the recreational player base is already big enough (Stars). For years, Stars and other sites have been trying to discourage regs from playing because rake equals deposits minus withdrawals. Partypoker is now trying, on the contrary, to encourage them and increase the population of its games so that they run smoothly at all - well, more power to Party.
    • rogue34
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      How many points do I need to get each of the chests? I can´t find this info anywhere. I only know that for the first red chest is needed 150 points and 320 for the blue one...
      Thanks :)
    • HMarttinez
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      1400 points for bronze chest and i got 65 StarsCoins, 75 points. This is ridiculous, once i complete my first deposit bonus im out.
    • pceetje
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      I need 240 points for a red chest, so they made it harder for me, right?
    • mute20
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      Are sngs unbeatable now on stars. Seems like most formats rakeback was the only thing keeping them profitable.
    • SDK1987
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      I don’t think they are unbeatable. Otherwise the regulars would go away and then the games would dry out and that would give opportunities for others as well.

    • pokerprons
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      I've done some calculating and have come to a conclusion that everyone gets ~5% rakeback on PokerStars.
      Also, I can't fathom how they justify their "everyone has unique rakeback". Here's an example: nl5 player needs 2250 points to open a silver chest and nl50 player needs 6000 points to open a silver chest (the players in question are me and my friend and we have cross-checked all the info). $1 rake = 100 points, so the nl5 player needs to rake $22.5 and nl50 player needs to rake $60 for the same chest! And it's not like they get different rewards, the rewards in the silver chest are the same for all! This is just insanely ridiculous. It is pure discrimination of players who player higher limits. Granted, nl50 players get random cash prizes in chests of $10 and at nl5 they get $1 usually, but that still doesn't make up for the huuuge gap as those cash drops are totally random.

      Basically they have totally decimated the rakeback system. I know they are a private company and they can do whatever they want, but they can definitely no longer claim that they are the best in the business and that they have the best loyalty program.
    • vjxjnh0122
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      Ps is a good site, but now i dont see rake back..:f_confused:
    • Niktat0r
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      Originally posted by vjxjnh0122
      Ps is a good site, but now i dont see rake back..:f_confused:
      Ya, there are 40% reasons to play party poker now. That 50% rake back is enough to me to use that odd software (compared to pokerstars).
      I wonder if party gets tons of players from Stars. I guess so. At least the tables get crowed at party. We`ll see.
    • Dina7427
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      Hello i think that the old one was much more better ,i choosein better partypoker
    • Botaniker
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      The new Reward Program fcking suxx!!!
    • TomSmeets
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      Its what pokerprons says, around 4 to 5% net rakeback. I tried to get a clarification on how its build up but they aren't being transparent, and then the alarm bells start to go off obviously. It looks nice at first sight, but then you get fed up real quickly with those chests, especially when realizing it pays so little actually.
    • Vampiir142
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      For basic chest you need 240 points, for 100 points you need spend 1 USD rake.
      Basic chest "cost" 2,4 USD. Basic chest gaves you apprx. 12-13 starscoins. For 1000 starscoins you get 10 USD.
      You need open 1000 / 12 = 84 chests. Than

      10 USD / ( 1000 / 12 * 2,4 USD ) = apprx. 5% "rakeback"
    • silkkis
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      This new rake system totally suxks!!!