Hi all,
I notice in the tounament lobby for the below tournament that some people are already registering for it, there were 7 earlier and 8 now.
The registration button does not work for me.
I know registration is not supposed to start until Sunday, so where are these early registrants coming from?
Or has registration started already but just does not work for me for some reason?
The tournament I am waffling on about is this one:

* Name: Exclusive PokerStrategy FR registration
* Date: Sunday, 15 February 2009
* Time: 20:00 GMT
* Location: Mansion Poker
* Prize pool: $10.000
* Qualification: All members who signed up to Mansion Poker through PokerStrategy.com and who deposit a minimum of $50 and for the first time before 12:00 on February 15.
* Registration: If you made a first deposit of at least $50, you can sign up for the tournament on Sunday afternoon. According to Mansion Poker, the registration should open at roughly 13:00.

Anyway, I probably should just stop worrying about it. I think I am tilted from having a bit of a downswing day (-255BB)and I am looking for things to complain about....