Party down?

    • deving42
      Joined: 16.06.2008 Posts: 71
      I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble connecting to partypoker?
      I got disconnected in the middle of a tournament.
      Was playing the DoN SNG I was already ITM, so I'm not worried about losing, but I wanted to get in a few more games.


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    • Reanimater
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      devin, in most cases, if there was a cancellation (all servers of are down), you can check

      My account > Transaction history > Gaming history

      your buyin and prize of the prizepool (money from the buyins of eliminated players) goes to the players who are currently in the game

      For each refunded game you should be able to see an amount added to your account. (on "taken from" you have some money added)

      In case of disconnections you do not get any refunds ;(