Error on strategy article?

    • pisrael
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      Hi all!!!

      It seems to me that we have a wrong answer at the excise 8 of the article "Shortstack-Stratagy: outs and odds". For me the correct answer for that question should be NO: If the odds for a flushdraw is 4:1, in this case, in the long run, you lose $4 to earn a pot of $3. So, you should fold!

      Question 8:
      The pot is $2. An opponent bets $1 on the flop. You have $1, you'd therefore have to move all-in to continue playing. You are holding a flush draw. Can you profitably call this bet? a) yes

      Am I doing anything wrong?

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    • Grimzor
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      Pot is 2$, villain bets 1$ and you have 1$ behind. Math is like this - after villain bets pot is 3$ and you have to put in 1$ to continue playing. Meaning you have 3:1 odds and need to win 25% of time. You put in 1$ to play for 4$ pot.

      You need 4:1 odds for flush draw to hit on next card. Since you will be put all in then this doesnt matter and if this action is happening on flop then you will see 2 cards for this price. Flush draw has 9 outs, and chance of hitting with 2 cards to come is like 38% IIRC and since 38>25 then answer is yes - it is profitable move.