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A little bit for everybody

    • mark31825
      Joined: 02.01.2011 Posts: 362
      - German
      - CG Reg (NL200/NL400) coming back after a long break
      - grinding Zoom
      -regular Updates (Hand discussions, videos of me playing, maybe twitch)

      Hey guys, or Moin as we say in Hamburg!

      Yes that's right, another german...
      And yes another player coming back after a long break.
      Back in 2011-2013 I was a reg on NL 200 zoom and NL400.
      I was also grinding MTT's up to 215$ BI. It was a time where
      poker became
      the centre of my life and my studies became less of a priority.
      To prevent myself from failing my studies I decided to quit poker
      for good, well there was a short come back in 2014 playing 180's
      MTSNG's but just long enough to make enough money for a good
      time in my summer break :f_drink:
      Now I'm 2 exams away from finishing my masters and decided to
      use my free time on poker again.
      It never hurts to have some extra money on the side.:f_biggrin:
      After my initial cash in of 50$ in 2010 I promised myself to never cash
      in any money again and I can luckily say I never needed to do that.

      A couple days ago I opened one of my poker accounts and found round
      about 20$ laying around. So I'll try to turn this into a bankroll big enough
      to play at least NL100 zoom comfortably.
      To get there I'll mainly play Zoom with the occasional MTT on the side.

      I'm going to update my progress here as often as possible and add the
      occasional video of me playing on the different limits that I run through.
      Showing different approaches to different limits.
      I will definitely post hands to discuss them with you and I might start a
      twitch stream at some point.

      I hope to provide cash game players of every Micro/Low- Stakes limit with
      content that helps you to improve your game or to adapt to another Zoom
      Limit and hope improve my game at the same time.
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    • mark31825
      Joined: 02.01.2011 Posts: 362
      Alright guys,
      here is my first session playing while speaking english. Explaining my thought process at the same time as playing
      is still quite challenging and I spotted some mistakes while replaying the video, but overall should be fine
      and definitely clear, what my approach looks like. Enjoy! :f_grin:

      This video is dedicated to all players that don't have any experience playing poker and want to have an easy
      entrance into the world of cash game.
      It's by no means anywhere near as how I'd normally play, but it shows a way to make money on NL2
      without building a big theoretically basis first.
      I'll try to post openraising charts, 3betting ranges etc. later!
    • mark31825
      Joined: 02.01.2011 Posts: 362
      Ranges NL2 Zoom Beginner Mode:

      These are my basic ranges for NL2 Zoom, explanations to every position will be added later :f_drink:
      UTG: 15.23%

      MP: 17.04%

      CU: 23.98%

      BTN: 49.62%

      SB: 35.75%

    • Arnusen
      Joined: 06.09.2016 Posts: 75

      really looking forward to follow your blog. But cant watch your video, its not available. Streaming sounds good, but it wont help improving your game, would be just for fun. (Still i would watch it)
      Now to ur ranges, u take out A6-A9 from MP and UTG but keep A2-A5 is that for the chance of a low straight? Furthermore u dont have a BB opening range shown.

      Good, i have it in my favs, see ya around.

    • mark31825
      Joined: 02.01.2011 Posts: 362
      Hey Arnusen,

      well for my NL2 approach I discard all low Ax. We just want to play for value, there is no need to be balanced at all
      at this limit.
      Regarding the video: I took it down, probably will reupload it soon thoug.

      Roll update: Started with 10.05$ grindet my way up to round about 30$ then cashed a small mtt for 45$
      today I played a small mtt session and am now up to 142.05$
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 38,990
      How is your micro stakes adventure going the last couple of weeks for you?
      Further I wish you all the best with it :gl:

    • SvenBe
      Joined: 19.04.2006 Posts: 13,521
      Howdy & GL in the challenge - sorry for the late checkout!
      How do you see the difficulty difference between formerly NL400 and now NL2? Why don't you enter higher?