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6max SnG's and MTT's - Building the foundation for my future life-changing cashes!

    • Fishin4Fun
      Joined: 30.06.2012 Posts: 140
      Who are you? Male, 36 years old, married and 3 children.
      What is your goal? Become a winning 6max SnG and MTT player and someday cash a life-changing amount.
      How are you going to achieve this? Have fun, study hard and work hard.
      Where do you stand at the moment? After a long break starting over again with the basics.

      About what will you be blogging?

      * Evaluation Time - Evaluation of results, sessions and goals.
      * Learning Time - Summaries of the stuff I have learned.
      * Makes sense - Stuff that I think is worth mentioning.
      * Trouble Spot Hands - Hands of which I'm not sure.
      * WTF Hands - Hands that fall into the category bad beats.
      * Brainfart Hands - Hands that reminds me I still got a lot of work to do.
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    • Fishin4Fun
      Joined: 30.06.2012 Posts: 140
      Learning Time: My basic 6max SnG Strategy

      Today I have finished my checklist from my 6max SnG strategy. I use this one while playing. It is a summary of the main goal(s) per phase, including some guidelines and factors to consider.

      I know it doesn't cover every situation and that this strategy is pretty tight, but I like it as a foundation. Later on, when I learn new stuff, I can integrate that or change the strategy.

      Early phase:

      The main goal in this phase is to stay out of trouble. In my opinion it isn't really worth to steal the blinds since these are very low compared to the stack sizes. Besides that I'd like to get a tight image of which I can profit from later on.

      The RFI ranges I use in the early phase:

      EP & MP: JJ+, AKs, AKo
      CO: 77+, AJs+, AQo+, KQs
      BTN: 55+, A8s, ATo+, KTs+, KJo+

      If the situation is profitable I can open limp or limp behind with big pot hands like pocket pairs, suited aces and suited connectors. This mainly depends on if I have position post-flop, if the table is passive and if there are already other players in the pot.

      In case I have post-flop position and I have the right implied odds I can call a raise with a pocket pair. In general I'd like to have a way better hand when calling compared to raising (GAP concept).

      Post-flop is my main goal to keep the pot under controle (unless I have a monster). I keep bluffing to a minimum with exception from a cbet in case the situation is profitable.

      Mid Phase:

      The two main goals in this phase are stealing the blinds and resteal in case of a profitable situation.


      Since the blinds are higher compared to the stack sizes it becomes interesting to steal more. Also hoping to capatalise from a tight image I widen my RFI ranges a bit in this phase:

      EP & MP: 88+, ATs+, AJo+, KJs+, QJs
      CO: 66+, A9s+, ATo+, KTs+, KJo+, QTs+, JTs
      BTN: 22+, A2s+, A8o+, KTs+, KTo+, Q9s+, QJo, J9s+, T9s, 98s

      Instead of a standard raise I use these ranges to consider if a open-raise, open limp or even a fold is the best option. This depends mainly on these factors:

      Reasons to choose for a open-raise:

      - The blinds are relatively low compared to the effective stack sizes.
      - I don't expect a resteal often.
      - I expect to often win the pot post-flop in case of a call.

      Reasons to choose for a open limp:

      - De blinds are relatively big compared to the effective stack sizes.
      - I often expect a resteal after a min-raise.
      - I expect to often win the pot post-flop.

      Reasons to fold:

      - I often expect a resteal and my hand is relatively weak.
      - I don't expect to win the pot post-flop very often.


      With regards to restealing I make a distinction between value resteals and bluff resteals.

      My value resteal ranges:

      Versus EP standard and LP tight: JJ+, AKs, AKo
      Versus EP loose and LP standard: 88+, AQs+, AQo+
      Versus LP loose: 66+, ATs+, ATo+, KQs

      Bluff resteals

      With regards to bluff resteals I consider different factors and depending on these I decide whether I want to resteal or not.

      Basic condition: Stack size villain

      The stack size from villain shouldn't be too big or too small. It must hurt him when he loses an all-in confrontation.

      Other factors to consider:

      - Do I have extra fold equity because of the situation, like for example the bubble?
      - Is it realistic that villain open-raises wider because of his position and/or image?
      - How many players are behind me and what can I expect from them?
      - Do I have blockers and/or a playable hand?

      Push/Fold Phase

      I have standard push ranges for 6max SnG's, but I also use my own judgement by considering a few factors:

      - What are the stack sizes from te players behind me?
      - Do I have extra fold equity because of the bubble and/or a tight image?
      - How many players are sitting behind me and what is the estimated fold equity?
    • Fishin4Fun
      Joined: 30.06.2012 Posts: 140
      Make sense: Prioritize the important stuff and the rest is bonus!

      Does this sound familiar: You've done quite a lot, but still feel bad, since you haven't done all the stuff on your to do list? (Which wasn't realistic anyway....)

      No? Good for you! Unfortunaly I experience this very often....:f_rolleyes:

      Fortunaly I saw an interesting vlog from Jaime Staples.

      Everyday he focussed on 3 things and saw the rest as a bonus.

      I decided to use this system as well.

      Workout - This can be fitness, but also cycling, Yoga or whatever.
      Poker - Whether this is study and/or playing
      Website - I'm in the process of starting my own website, so doing every day a bit helps in the process

      The biggest advantages:

      * Every day I work on my most important goals.
      * I don't feel bad if I don't have time for some other things.
      * Even better: I will feel good after having done those three most important things.
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,320
      Nice that you have started a blog. How is august going for you so far?
      Further I wish you all the best with improving your game :gl: