The table is a 5$buy in PL hold em 16 minutes have passed and blinds are 15/30.
Im in an playing aggressive he looses a lot of pots on flop with bets we are now 1/3 to 2/3.

Pokershpere0 - 1980
xxxxxxxx - 1020

My hand AA
Opponent calls
my options are check, raise 60 and raise 90
Checking makes me go into the same position into the flop with a 2Blind Pot a Min bet is half a pot which is ok but a pot bet will make him fold
Raising will make the pot grow and let me make another bet
Raise to 60
30+30= 60 + 30x2=120 so in the flop there will be a 120 pot and a 60 bet gives me a good pot from here to the river.
raise to 90
It makes opponent more susceptible to fold, but pot on flop will be high and final pot will increment.

Pokersphere0 raises 60
xxx calls
Flop 9 K 5
xxx checks
Pokersphere0 bets 60
xxx folds

Pokersphere 2040
xxx 960

I won 60
what would you do on that position?