5Dollar triple up hand

    • Elzubiri
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      so 2 minutes have passed Usually 1 player gets out fast,
      blinds go up every 4minutes

      HERO - 1480 - is dealt 10 10
      SB - 1780 -
      BB - 1240 -

      Hero raises to 100
      SB calls
      BB folds

      Flop QT 5C 9D

      SB Bets 40
      BB calls 40

      River 2D

      SB checks
      BB Bets 200
      HERO folds

      After some study I realized a 3handed game is a fast game and 1010 needs to be played fast and stronger.
      But had he fell into my trap? did he have the Q? if he had we wasn't a donk/sucker (I hate the word donk) and if he had the Q would he bet 200 with a 290Pot?
      The questions are this
      Primarly If you had a Q hou would you play the turn (or flop)?
      What did he have?

      My answers:
      If i had the Q id bet 80 but i would have folded the same
      Cant tell what he had
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