Slansky Chubukov ratings on tournaments.

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      Please i don't want some people who aren't really experienced to answer (but feel free to say your oppinion)
      My dad uses the slansky chubukov ratings on small blinds
      The slansky chubukov ratings is a chart based on pot odds on initial hands that tells you mathematically when you should make all in with X hands preflop in the small blinds.
      Please answer if you have read Slansky's book.
      Is it correct to follow this ratings on tournaments?
      It is on Cash tables but is it ok to do it on tournaments? I mean the pot odds tell you on the long run that you will winn some chips but dont you really want to win (basically double up) on tournaments? not to get more chips.
      I have 3 Elements against it.
      1 Independent chip model - Your chips are worth more than the ones that you are gonna gain so basically on Cash tables your stake is the Bet but on a Tournament your Stake is the buy in.
      2 Unshown metagame - the slansky chubukov ratings tell that if your opponent was a machine knew the pot odds, care about them on a tournament he would take the right decision because you showed it the cards, but when you use this ratings you dont show them. so when you go all in you are hoping for him to fold but when he calls you have a slight chance to double up. What is Hidden is that He might take the wrong decision and call AND win.
      3 Wrong Mathematics (? not sure) - the mathematics with say 87s told my dad to do all in with 12 BB and he had 10BB: On Dan's harringtons ranking of hands 87s is on the 60-70 top hands so 60% of the hands are better so 50% of the times he will call, so why is the number 12? i think this might be related to 2
      Thank you analyze and tell me if you have read this Slansky's book

      so here goes a hand:
      Tournament with antes, Initial pot 1050 Blinds 200/400 + 50 antes

      UTG to BU Fold
      SB 5100 Is dealt 87s All in
      BB Calls
      SB wins

      That one is debatable

      500/1000 no antes
      SB 11400 SB isdealt J 6 AllIN
      BB calls
      SB looses

      That one was ok but here is a flaw

      400/800 no antes
      SB 10600 is dealt Q7s AllIN

      yes this play is supported by the slansky chubukovrankings until 12400 chips
      Ty for analyzing
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      It's impossible to say anything about those hands if you don't post the stacksizes for villains.

      In general: yes you can in almost all cases. If a shove first-in is +EV it will almost always be +$EV. ICM tells you to shove way looser then sklansky-chubokov in most cases.

      So just follow ICM, because there will be situations where you have to push tighter.