bonus is not active

    • onasyakca
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      today i join in poker room and saw what my bonus is not active (line is dark) was 235 PartyPoints. What is it?
      so, if my bonus really is not active, i can cash-out my money?
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    • danezu29
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      the same thing here.
      i send a mail and they told me that :

      ''In order to meet the restrictions towards the
      bonus, you were required to earn 300 Loyalty Points on Party Poker games
      before 8-May-2009. However, the bonus on your account got exhausted.

      A bonus is considered exhausted if the total restricted balance (without
      any money in play) of a pending cash out restricted bonus drops to

      and I never had 0$.
      and ''you don’t have to meet any further restrictions towards this
      bonus offer''