To where should I cash-out?

    • Nameless007
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      Hi. Got my no-deposit bonus from another poker affiliate on a very bad pokerroom(no people, no sng's and mtt's). Cleared out my bonus and now got a decent bankroll, which I want to cash-out. The problem is, I really want to have an account such as Neteller or Moneybookers, as it is quicker. What is batter, Neteller or Moneybookers? My aspects are speed of transaction and security. As I know after I open an account, for example, on Moneybookers, I need to connect my bank account to my Moneybookers account, is it right? How long does it takes? After, I deposit money on moneybookers from my bank account or what? And after, how can I cash-out my money FROM Moneybookers or Neteller to my hand, like cash? To my bank account as well? Thanks, Sergey
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    • LuborC
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      I have Moneybookers and I can't complain. Very fast and realiable.
      Once you create the account you can start using it for online trasfers if I remember correctly. You only need to connect it to your bank account so that you can cash out.. The just send you a very small amount of money and a code with it. Once you enter the code on the site you are done. I think they also verify your address by sending you a letter with a code, too.
      All of this is very quick and should take less than a week.

      One thing is very important, though! You have to create the Monebookers account in the same currency as your accounts on the poker sites ($ probably) beacuse they charge a ridiculously big amounts (almost 2%) for currency conversions.
    • CoreySteel
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      Like LuborC says...
      Most people (including me) use Moneybookers, so go for it.