Stupid me. Wrong bonus code? help

    • Demmu
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      Heya, guys.
      I am probably the most n00biest person in the world probably. Actually it's hard to tell it to myself, but it seems so.

      First, I passed the quiz, that's good.
      But now the problems:
      a) after passing the quiz i chose a pacific pokerroom, but now i want to change the room, where to get a starting capital - is it possible?
      b) I want to change it to PartyPoker - I downloaded and installed it, but seems that i used a wrong bonus code - PSVIP? My friend used PS150, that's why i think PSVIP code is wrong.

      Oeh, maybe you guys can comment such a monkey-tricks i've been done. I'm quite desperated at the moment.

      Best wishes.
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    • Xantos
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      If you want to change your initial choice of poker room, please write a ticket to our support:

      In that ticket, you should describe your situation as detailed as possible. I do not know 100% if it is possible to get it done with PSVIP (PS150 would be standard, indeed), but the support will be able to tell you.

      And, by the way: welcome aboard :)