What happens if you go broke?

    • SuperHandz
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      I got my money up to $75 and ignoring all the advise yesterday I went and started playing higher limit sit n go's. Hey, I understand I deserve what I got and technically I'm not broke yet but what happens if you do go broke. I obviously would like to con tinue at the site and I'm guessing if I loose my balance then can I still somehow at least continue to gain my silver status for reading etc? I only say this because I'm not sure I'll be able to get my balance back over $50 in the time limit. Any thoughts...apart from me being a dumb ass lol and not listening to sound advise.
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    • Jonaton
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      The only choices you have then are to deposit your own money and continue to play or use the tell a friend program. There is no second chance I'm a dumb ass fund.
    • Alverine
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      Money doesnt grown on trees, so use it responsably :D
    • Azxel91
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      Maby you arent ment for playing poker i mean geting so greedy already at 75.. but hey you say you havent played it all away so guess you need to play realy tight.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello SuperHandz,

      If you end up losing your starting capital there are several options you can follow in order to continue increasing your status. Since you aren't broke yet - the most obvious is to try to re-build using solid bankroll management - while playing freerolls on the side. Should this not work there is also our Tell-A-Friend system: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/taf-info

      This will allow you to earn up to $100 per friend you refer to PokerStrategy.

      You can also create accounts at our other partner sites and deposit there - but I would not do this until you have progressed further as a player. You can find our other partner sites on the "home" page: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/

      Best regards