new to omaha whats the best way to become a winning player?

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      Hey im Ava. I come from the Fixed Limit forums and was really active a couple of years back when we had a coach and an actual community. I took a break from poker for personal reasons. But now I wanna get back into it, and Ive come to the realization that FLH tables on stars has decreased by 50% (i was a micro stakes crusher) I can still crush the games today, But when I look at for example the PLO tables how many is available (at 1/2c) im astonished. also zoom tables running 24/7 wow. Ive always been pretty interested in Omaha. and at some point have to get over my chronic fear of the all in button. So what better way than to play PLO right :D ?

      Anyway, ive been looking around pstrategy and other places and I cant seem to find what exactly im looking for, as ive played FLH for 10 years now. I have basically zero clue on the pre and post flop play of other games. I know the rules and how having 1 heart not equals nut flush when theres 4 hearts on board (I lost a full buyin to that back in FTP days pre blackfriday :D never forgot it) Is there a video / article series that starts at the basics. br mng. what starting hands is playable from what pos, anything that will give me a solid foundation of plo. I must stress im not looking to become a mid/high stakes player. I don't need to be world class player. If i can beat PLO2 Id be so happy.

      Just to give you an idea of what I mean, I have 500k hands played at 5/Tc FLH stars alone. where ive won with 3BB/100(6bb/100) for years. and im super comfortable with that. I don't like playing for higher money than the few dollars a day won or lost. So thats why im saying im okay with something thats aimed/geared towards learning to beat the lowest stakes. ofcourse i want to be as good as possible but I highly doubt ill be moving higher than PLO2 maybe 5.

      Sorry for the ramble thanks in advance.

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    • nsavov
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      Hi and welcome to the 4 card world!

      Sooo to start off you can read either Jeff Hwang's book - PLO the big play or Bug's PLO from scratch blogs, you can easily find them for free online.

      Skodljivec has a good video tutorial series for beginners but they are for Silver status.

      And ofcourse after you know your ABCs, just google "PLO Kyyberi" and watch whatever you can find :f_thumbsup:
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      Forget Hwang's Big Play Strategy, that was written loooong time ago for Full Ring nut peddling. PLO From the Scratch is the best free ebook you can find. It's a bit old, but the content is still valid to learn the basic fundamentals of 6max PLO. Just google it, should be easy to find. If you can't find it, come to PLO Primetime coaching at Thursday and I will give you the link there. :)
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      the best way to learn playing is just playing more and more games i think :D
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      That isn't exactly true. Especially when you play with a lot of tables, most of your decisions are automated. So you reinforce your game, both good and bad habits.

      It's like in sports. If you have a bad technique and you just play and play, you reinforce that bad technique.
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      Hey Avataren!
      I've been playing a lot of PLO8 -- I know, it is *not* the same game as PLO, but what has been working is to see flops as long as my hand has potential, and continue if that potential increases.

      I'm wary of "made hands", since they can get unmade very quickly.

      I'm looking forward to Thursday's coaching

      All the best,