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[OFFICIAL Support Thread] PokerMarathon - profit accounting on Pokerstars

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      Important: please note that does not take any responsibility for the software advertised in this thread.
      We were not involved in the development and thus cannot guarantee the reliability or proper functionality of this software.
      You use the software described in this thread at your own risk.

      Poker Marathon

      The PokerMarathon program calculates the player's income on Pokerstars. With this program, you can also analyze the yield of a game depending on the limits, speed, prize structure and other parameters. An audit file ordered through the client serves as the information source. Unlike trackers and statistics sites, PokerMarathon correctly applies the knockout bounty and rebuy, and does not miss anything.


      1. Order for an audit file.

      An audit file is ordered through the PokerStars client. The file has to be in English, in HTML format and include information about reward points. If you do not know how to order for an audit file, read the instructions below:

      а) Verify that the audit file generated in the client is in English. To set English, go to Settings - Global - Language - E-Mail In

      b) Order for an audit file by going to Cashier - Transaction History - Request Playing Audit. At the top, indicate the dates for the data you need:

      c) Below, enter your password twice. The password will protect the archive containing the audit file; you can make it simple:

      d) Be sure to select html as the format and tick Include StarCoins/Reward Point :

      e) Click on the Submit button:

      f) Enter your Pokerstars password:

      g) A link to the audit file will be sent to your email you registered with on Pokerstars. This usually takes a few minutes, or an hour or more in rare cases. The email message contains a link, click on the link to download the *.zip archive. Unzip the archive to get the audit file. The file is usually called Playing History Audit.html

      2. Download the program PokerMarathon


      3. Launch PokerMarathon

      For instructions on how to use, see below:

      a) Open the audit file by clicking the button as shown below:

      Tournaments played will be displayed below in the tab "Tournaments". ROI and profit will be displayed in the upper right window:

      Note: You can select several files to read the information from all of them. To do this, select files with the mouse or click on them with the "ctrl" key pressed. If you have many audit files with up-to-date information, just put them in one folder and open them all together. It is not recommended to simultaneously open files with statistics from different players.

      b) There are filters at the center:

      You can filter out tournaments by game type, speed, prizes, structure, etc. You can do this by ticking the appropriate boxes. After selection, click "Apply filters", and the information will be filtered.

      You can also specify a buy-in range, date range, and also choose a specific tournament in the drop-down list:

      If you want to quickly enable or disable a group of filters, uncheck the box or click on the cross in the upper right corner of the group:

      c) There is a calendar on the left. Click on any date and if there are tournaments played on this day, they will be displayed below in the "Tournaments" tab. If no tournaments were played, nothing will be displayed

      d) Click on the "Graphics" tab if you need information in graphical form

      e) The Analysis tab allows you to view detailed layout by limits, speed, structure, and so on. To do this, click on the appropriate buttons on the left-hand side:

      Note: Results in the Analysis tab are displayed based on the filters

      f) To take a screenshot, click on the camera icon:

      The screenshot will be saved in the folder containing the program.

      4. Notes:

      a) The cash games is not yet considered (will be in future versions)

      b) Tournaments that you played through satellites are considered correct (as if you won a certain amount in the satellite and then registered with your money). If you cancel the registration, the tournament dollars will be considered as profit

      c) Items purchased with points (money and tickets) are not considered yet (follow the updates)

      d) There are no viruses in the file. The program is not connected to the Internet. If you are afraid, you can block it with a firewall, that would be okay by me

      e) The program will continuously be improved

      5. Problems and malfunctions:

      a) If the program cannot open your audit file, it will issue an error message. First of all, carefully study item 1 of this instruction. If your file is not in html format or not in English, order it again.

      b) If the file is still not opening, please outline the problem under this thread.

      c) If you have any practical suggestions on how to improve the program, I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts
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