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[NL10] Pair Of 10 Preflop, curious if you think I did the right thing on the Flop

    • AnXfile378
      Joined: 20.07.2017 Posts: 88
      6 MAX
      NO HUD

      Curious if you are OK with how I played the flop, or if I should have folded the hand based on the villians bet

      In the interest of this hand and because i have to type it out, I will type the stack sizes of myself and villian

      CO (HERO) - 185.8 BB
      BU - 54.9 BB

      HERO DEALT - :Ts: Tc:

      CO (HERO) - Raise 4 BB (from the blinds)
      BU - Raise 7 BB
      CO (HERO) - Call 3 BB

      TOTAL POT: 16.5 BB

      :9d: :9h: :Qh:

      CO (HERO) - Check

      BU Bets 16.5 BB


      CO (HERO) Calls 16.5 BB

      TOTAL POT: 49.5 BB

      :9d: :9h: :Qh: :Th:

      CO (HERO) - Check
      BU - Bets 24.7 BB
      CO (HERO) - Bets ALL IN (To shove in villains last 6.7 BB)
      BU Calls 6.7 BB

      TOTAL POT 112.3 BB

      BU Shows - :Jd: :Jc:

      RIVER - :9d: :9h: :Qh: :Th: :5c:

      Hero Wins - THREE OF A KIND (10)

      So of course I called the flop because I had the pocket pairs of 10s, but when looking back, was it the right call, or should I have folded. Of course I won the hand which is great, but I want to be more process driven and not results driven

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    • la55i
      Joined: 27.01.2013 Posts: 7,950
      You will probably call his 3bet with some Qx and 9x and also with hands that makes some nice draws. So your TT seems to be quite at the bottom here. You don't have to defend that much vs this big bet.
      Villain looks recreational and if you don't know him to be very aggressive, I would usually think he plays honestly when he 3bets and bets this big.
      You have to also consider his stack size. If you call here, would you be committed to call his shove OTT?
    • Dadramel
      Joined: 10.08.2014 Posts: 3,001
      Please be advised you would be commited if you called on the flop, you were basically set mining post flop
    • coldchurch
      Joined: 20.02.2013 Posts: 281
      Fold preflop if you're only playing this hand to setmine, you don't have the odds, he's too short. Also, don't raise 4x pre in this position vs shorties.
    • confidant91
      Joined: 02.04.2011 Posts: 5,692

      better to use standard sizing as we showed in lesson 1. So opening for 2,5bb would be enough. U can use 3bb if there is an fish behind. If u have some reads that fish gonna call even bigger sizing than it is fine but otherwise i would stick with lower sizing.

      Versus min 3bet i belive that with this stack size u can shove preflop. Calling si ifne as well since u are getting great odds and u can play just fit or fold stratégy for setmine and still be plus EV.

      OTF i am folding becuse of this:
      villains last 6.7 BB
      if he shoves than i expect him t ohave quite a lot of GS and airs in his range but if he is not shoving than his range is usually value heavy and therefor i am folding.
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 37,770
      Shoving TT seems crappy pre-flop after the min raise I think, but I would raise most likely between 2,5 and 3x pre-flop. I expect he will min 3bet to often with better pairs, but it’s read dependent for sure. Flop is for me an easy fold as well on his pot size bet and he’s committing himself as well.

    • DonQuishove
      Joined: 21.08.2017 Posts: 6
      I think the size of the bet has a lot to to with our decision here. As he is commiting himself on the flop, he has a high chance of betting the turn as well when called. Since we don't have any cards except a T that we really want to see, I think a fold is the proper way to go here. Against a bigger stack, or a smaller bet size, we should probably consider a call. Nice turn card tho :)