Shoving into short stacks

    • danutz123
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      If I'm on the button or in the sb, should I according to Nash shove into (a) short stack(s) with the same range the sb/bb (whichever is bigger) would shove into me if he were in my place with the same stack or do I tighten or loosen it up?
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    • SDK1987
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      If the stacks behind me are smaller you have less fold equity most of the time and you lose off course less as well. I would most likely shove around the same range, but it depends also how aggressive the players behind me are.

    • CucumbaMan
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      Well it depends on your stack as well of course. If you have a huge stack, and you are risking only a very small portion of your stack, I think yes, you should.
      And as SDK mentioned it depends heavily on the aggression factor of the players behind you and what stage of the tournament you are in. In the money where the stacks are getting shallower I think you can definitely shove in these spots.