[NL2-NL10] The Bubble

    • LastEmu
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      Semi-final feeder into UB FreeMillion tournament, 77 players remain, 75 places pay 1 spot in the finals.

      Blinds 3000-6000, ante 500.

      Hero (with a <3 BB stack) is dealt AKs at UTG+1, UTG (approx. 10bb stack) raises 3bb. Call all-in, or wait and try to last out the 2 orbits around the table? There is one extremely low stack, at <1bb, and otherwise, I'm pretty much tied for the 2nd to low. Is this my one chance to secure a spot at the final, or is it one chance too many?
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    • Faustfan
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      I wouldnt play that hand, because with 8 tables still playing there is a very high chance that 2 people drop out before you are all-in because of the blinds. You can survive at least 10 more games, maybe 20. If noone drops out, you still have the chance to survive your all-in later.

      Even if you get a much worse hand later, the winning chances then, combined with the chance to limp in without playing are better than your chance to win this hand.
    • purdle
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      depends on if you just want to last and make it to the money or progess farther. i personally call there because i don't want to just cling to life for the next couple orbits. i think it comes down to personal preference. i'll take the risk of going broke there for the chance of more than doubling up though. it's a tough spot and it would really suck to go broke in that situation, but i really do think it comes down to personal preference. my personal goal in any tournament i enter is to make the final table so i call there. if your goal is to just make the money, go ahead and fold and hold off for a couple ppl to drop.