88 vs check-push on flop

    • mukmuk300
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      Hi all,

      wondering about this hand. Only have 20 hands on villian, but he's been opening 25% from EP. Else no reads.

      Pre: Not sure if 3-bet or if I should jsut shove with 25 BB. Thinking a shove allows villian to play perfectly: fold all apart from AA-QQ. If 4-bet plan is to fold.

      Flop: Nice flop for me, as he shouldn't have many 9s in his range, plus dry board and I don't want to see overcards, thus c-bet. Now, his shove I give him AA-JJ and AK, maybe AQ. Against that I have >33% and get odds of 2.9:1. Easy call or easy fold?

      Pacific, $10.90 Buy-in (250/500 blinds, 60 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 8 Players
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      Hero (SB): 12,352 (24.7 bb)
      BB: 10,108 (20.2 bb)
      UTG+2: 12,231 (24.5 bb)
      MP1: 11,874 (23.7 bb)
      MP2: 7,783 (15.6 bb)
      MP3: 9,476 (19 bb)
      CO: 11,456 (22.9 bb)
      BTN: 4,130 (8.3 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with :8s: :8h:
      UTG+2 folds, MP1 raises to 1,000, 4 folds, Hero raises to 2,500, BB folds, MP1 calls 1,500

      Flop: (5,980) :9h: :6s: :9c: (2 players)
      Hero bets 2,990, MP1 raises to 9,314 and is all-in, Hero calls 6,324

      Turn: (24,608) :Th: (2 players, 1 is all-in)
      River: (24,608) :7c: (2 players, 1 is all-in)

      Results: 24,608 pot
      Final Board: :9h: :6s: :9c: :Th: :7c:
      Hero showed :8s: :8h: and won 24,608 (12,734 net)
      MP1 showed :As: :Ad: and lost (-11,874 net)
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    • SDK1987
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      We are playing 23,7bb effective and we are playing out of position post-flop with big antes in game. I would play it easy and just shove pre-flop. Then you don’t need to play a big pot out of position with your small stack.

      As played the flop is tricky, because why he would stack of with ace high here. I expect this board don’t hit his range at all, but he could have an over pair he’s slow playing pre-flop with. Otherwise his line makes no sense at all for me and I would make an easy fold.