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Frog to princes ***Leap of faith... Full time grind!***

    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Throughout the years I've done several things in poker. From playing mid- to highstakes MTTs to grinding sngs and HU cash games online. Live I've played some pretty cool MTTs. EPT Barca back in 2010 being the coolest by far.
      For the last couple of years I've played little to nothing interesting and wasn't consistent in any way. The grind was gone and my ROI dropped like a brick. I do understand the importance of bankroll management, but as a recreational player it is far less important. You just want to click whatever you feel like clicking that day.
      Playing little the past couple of years has resulted in not having an edge anymore. I noticed the playing field getting harder and me having trouble adapting. It might have been a little bit of arrogance and ignorance as well still having made some significant MTT scores in the years I played little. It clouded the fact that I'm stuck in 2013 or something when it comes to poker.

      I needed to find a way to keep me grounded and a way to improve both my game as my mindset. I feel like for me the best way to do this is to start a smallstakes grind again.
      I have quite the bussy life nowadays. I divide my time between my family (girlfriend and kid), work and social life/sports. Somewhere in between all of that I need to fulfill my ambition to crush poker once more.
      So, here we go. Grinding smallstakes cash again with the main goal to improve and understand nowadays basics and tendencies of the game.

      The goal is not so much to be moving up to soon, but I feel like the best level to learn the actual level of play these days would be from €10NL and up. Even though I'll be starting at 4NL, I'll keep a progressive bankroll management for moving up to 10NL asap.

      I'll play the majority of my games (for now) on Ipoker because I feel it has the best rakeback for small stake grinders at this moment.

      Stakes I'll be playing:
      €100NL and €200NL
      MTT's up to $215

      Start Bankroll: €35,00
      Current Bankroll:
      Found staking:
      -MTTs up to $215
      -Live MTTs up to €1.000

      TOTAL: €?? [i][b][color=orange]
      PBC Namur €1100
      Event 1 (8max €225 )
      Event 11 (sat to highroller €220)
      Really successful week. Made about €20K in profit. We are more than freerolling the other event now. I'm in quite the positive flow when it comes to poker. Let's see if we can prolong it for the next event

      Prague National €1100
      Playing cash games before and after bust. Depending on the run maybe some other MTT

      ***I’ve Sold 60% of the full action I’m going to Play these events! Which comes down to about : €3300 no markup

      Pending Bonus: €257,52
      cashout: €2109,00 sept/17
      cashout: €3000 Nov/17
      [b]cashout:€6341 Dec/17

      €35.000 ***Currently at 17,8% of my goal***(November!)
      (Preferably reached by 31st of may 2018) **This has to be the actual bankroll I have online. Cash outs are not counted as part of the bankroll**

      - Ignorance has killed my evolution as a poker player
      - Ambition to improve
      - Blogging for motivation
      -Grinding small stakes cash


      - make poker a steady financial basis next to my day job.
      - Do not play above 200NL without the proper coaching
      - move into the live Circuit. Twice a month cash games and the local mtt series.
      - Get coaching from a 6max cash beast and MTT crusher
      - Excerise a bit less. It's getting a tad maniacal

      Edit: Things are going to chance quite a bit next year. I'll be grinding full time low to highstakes, relocating to a warmer climate and get a lot of coaching. I'll rewrite the entire OP soon, but I'll update less frequent. Atleastfor the time being. I imagine I'll be to busy to also keep actively track of the blog.
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    • angalius
      Joined: 10.11.2011 Posts: 465
      So how its going so far ?
    • metalmonkey80
      Joined: 15.08.2013 Posts: 2,797
      Hello J1zzC0,

      Nice start to your blog and I look forward to reading future updates :f_thumbsup:

      Have you seen Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge - Opt-in now!

      You may also find the following links helpful.
      perfect intro to multi tabling.
      5-point plan: From break-even grinder to winning player.
      The Quick Guide to Skyrocketing Your Poker and Life Productivity.

      Good luck at the tables :f_thumbsup:

      My regards

    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Havent played much this week, so little has changed really. I'm still comfortable playing 4NL and slowly adding 10NL tables in session.
      I should be able to play heaps this weekend. Family is off to relatives and I have an empty schedule. I have made a small deposit of €50 to profit from a bonus offer and I was up 48 euros this week due to having won a few buy ins on 10NL.
      Currently also sitting on two €20 tickets, a €10 ticket and a €50 ticket which I'm going to use for MTTs on sunday.

      Saturday im putting in 12 hours of cash. Playing two/two and a half hour sessions a time. I'll be eight tabling having three 10NL tables open and the rest 4NL. Sunday I'll won't have more than 6 tables open at once.

      An update with graphs will follow on monday.

      I'll read into what the "get rich or die trying" challenge actually means. Thanks for the interest.
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Small updates:

      I haven't played much again due to a terrible toothache. So skipped past sunday and played a few hours on saturday. Won pennies, but nothing interesting.
      There is going to be a small change in the plan. I committed myself to SpinLegends and am hopping in Silver. Which is really small stakes, but does suit my ambition to regain an edge on the mass. It seems to be a pretty longterm commitment gamewise and I do not have the in and outs yet. But I am pretty stoked to be playing in an atmosphere where raising ability and improving are the main focus.
      I'll have to debate if I'm still able to play my games on Ipoker. I do have a running bonus of €1100 on the site and like to make use of that form of rakeback. Plus the games are pretty soft. But we just have to wait and see.
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91

      I might aswell just start over here....

      I just signed my contract and committed myself for 60K games to spinlegend. I'm really excited to work on my game and show that I have the ability to crush.
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Whiles awaiting the wrap up for the Spin Legends contract I've been playing quite some hands on Ipoker with great succes. The toothache is almost gone and I feel like I'm playing pretty much the best I can at this moment.
      Past two days I've made a full transition to 10NL and even started implementing 20NL tables to my session. To clear the bonus with more ease I've decided on playing the speed tables. Which is the main reason for moving up to 20NL aswell. Somehow 20NL always runs on Ipoker, but 10NL only in rush hour.

      Updated bankroll in OP
    • LastLongerBET
      Joined: 07.09.2017 Posts: 20
      Why would you sign in for spin legends? They take half your profits. Looks like hidden advertising to me. You also have pending bonus on ipoker and stuff so why should you get a slave of this ponzi sceme??
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Originally posted by LastLongerBET
      Why would you sign in for spin legends? They take half your profits. Looks like hidden advertising to me. You also have pending bonus on ipoker and stuff so why should you get a slave of this ponzi sceme??
      I have to agree I have some doubts on the shape they mold their staking. I haven't signed the contract yet because I want to read every single world atleast three times


      To why I would consider agreeing to a ponzi sceme type contractlongterm: I dont see any other way to profit from comfort and less variance while trying to improve my game. I would prefer cashgame coaching,but for a lowstakes grinder it is just way to expensive. I'm saving up for PT4 now first
    • LastLongerBET
      Joined: 07.09.2017 Posts: 20
      It might be okay for some eastern europe or southamerican with no BR but otherwise i would prefer not to.
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      I don't think it is the best deal out there.
      I do think it is in huge favour of the staker.
      I find it hard to communicate upfront with SpinLegends about at first glance non-essential issues.

      I do think Spinlegends is logically trying to flatten out the risk of scams, moneygrabbing
      I do think it is hard to manage a poker stable nowadays
      I do think there is value in an offer like SpinLegends.

      About my personal progress:

      As I told in an earlier update, I was kinda forced into playing 20NL just to have enough tables running during non peak hours. I started adding speed tables to my routine to make a little more haste in unlocking my bonus money. 10NL 6max speed tables hardly run outside rush hours, but 20NL 6max almost always does somehow. I'm quite often 6-tabling and as of today this consist of three regular 10NL six max tables and three 20NL speed 6max tables. Somehow the 20NL tables are gold to me as I am already quite a few buyins up.

      My next goal is to find a decent coach and save up for a few hours of 6max lowstakes coaching and more important. Guidance on how to optimal make use of my HUD and PT4. So if there are folks out there with suggestions on decent lowstakes cashgame coaching, not to expensive. Please share by means of a comment down below! I'll appreciate it.

      I unlocked my first bonus and moved up in VIP level, so my rakeback is at this moment close to 40% and could be getting higher if I start running a little bit better in the all in freerolls and VIP freerolls, but cant really complain.

      I'll update my current bankroll in OP
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Had quite the eventful couple of days. Pokerwise I can't really complain. 20NL is pretty soft still, even though I'm starting to notice more regulars and more people making adaptations to others. I've started making more specific notes on players. I'm finding it to be more helpful at the moment even than a HUD. Although people having the opportunity to change their nickname is not helping this process. I feel like people are not doing it that often anyways. I do it once in a while because of obvious reasons.
      I've started doing more research out game as well. Seen some videos and podcasts of players who are crushing. After session I'll have a look through my database and review keyhands/spots.

      Moneywise the line is still going up, so no complaints here. Somehow I've played my first 50NL tables already. Bankroll wise not the best option, but I feel like I could add one table insession if I'm running/playing well.

      I'll update bankroll in OP
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      I've been accepted into an coaching/staking stable and have been grinding games for them past few days. It's been a bumpy ride thus far, but essentially we are still break even over 10K hands or so. We could be down obviously, so I can't really complain.

      I've been learning heaps of stuff already. Not only about what is a more profitable way of attacking poker, but also heaps of stuff about what I've been doing wrong/or losing EV in. Essentially I've been leak busting the past days.

      Next to this I'm still allowed to play the games I am on Ipoker and others. So if I play my cards right this could be a profitable deal.

      I'll keep track of both the Stable and my own bankroll in this Blog.
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Ignore the post above:)

      I've been booted from the stable. I don't completely agree, but I do understand the reasoning and... I dont think it was going to be my game really anyways.
      SpinLegends is a pretty big stable and in that light they are always going to follow the money. I ran pretty horrid for 1K games and could not make profit on the lowest stakes in that game frame. I still had a cEV of 78, which is essentially saying Im running sort of ugly. Still learned a lot and ended up with some great contacts.
      I find the spin&go's difficult at best. They don't do anything for me really. The level of play is low, but following a certain chart cut of from all creativity and self thinking is not something I could see myself doing for quite some time. I am thankful for the opportunity SpinLegends gave me.

      Me, myself and I
      For my own roll things are going extremely smooth. Made the transition to 100NL and managed to build my bankroll up close to 3K euro's. I am going to cash out quite a bit this month because of several reasons.
      - Firstly; It was always going to be the plan that whenever I could I was cashing out a certain amount of money each month. I spent quite some time on poker and my children should also profit from the fruits of my labour.
      -Secondly; and probably most important: I find I had more fun playing 10, 25 and 50NL than I am playing 100NL at the moment. I feel the opposition is really though and the amount of money involved is something I have to get used to. I rather lay a tad lower still, just for comfort.

      I've started to add more MTTs again to my schedule. I miss the excitement of beating a large field of players and the opportunity of scoring that one big hit. It's going pretty well with wins on $22 and $5 MTTs on party and last sunday a 4th in a $7,50 hyper PKO on Stars.

      I'm going to eave €400 for cash now and $400 on both Stars and Party for MTTs


      I've got some help setting up my HUD for 6max cash and next week I'll have my very first coaching session. I've already had my database reviewed by someone who I respect as a cash game beast. He found a few leaks, but luckily nothing huge.

      I'll update OP with the current standings bankroll wise
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Bankroll management Cash
      €10NL (Bankroll €400)

        First shots at €16NL at €500
        Move up at €700
        Move down at €200

      €16NL (Bankroll €700)

        First shots at €25NL at €900
        Move up at €1100
        Move down at €650

      25NL (Bankroll €1100)

        First shots at €50NL at €1400
        Move up at €2000
        Move down at €1000

      €50NL (Bankroll €2000)

        First shots at €100NL at €3200 (if comfortable)
        Move up (n/a) First get comfortable at the €100NL level
        Move down at €2500

      Bankroll management MTT

        Invest no more than 5% of the roll in any given session
        Keep an average buy in of maximum 2% of the bankroll
        Sell % when satellite into a buy in outside the bankroll schedule

    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      First session past cash out done. Could have went a lot better, but not all sessions can be winners I guess. I suppose I'll just consider it to be the curse of the cash out.
      I'm quite happy to be grinding 10NL again. The level of play is considerably lower compared to 50NL and 100NL, a lot less regulars and a lot more traffic. Even without this session being profitable I imagine my winrate is not going to be that much lower long term. Especially once I can start adding 16NL and 25NL tables.
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Had a small late night session to chase losses I guess:f_cool:
      Quite happy that I went for some extra volume. Ran pretty well, but still had to cut short due to my new born waking up.

      Overall graph up till now.

      From now on I'm going to post a full graph once a week and stick to the day graphs within my updates. I'm thinking of adding some challenges aswell just for personal motivation. Not sure what they could be yet, but it'll come to me I'm sure.

      This sunday I'm putting in some effort for a big MTT session. I have quite the eventful day with my first cyclocross competition coming up early in the morning. I'll chill a bit in the afternoon and start grinding around dinnertime. Sattied into the Sunday Million on Stars and have a couple of $109 tickets on party. I'll add small stake MTT's to those so I can actually have a go at beating variance. So Sick!!

      I'll have some small cash sessions this week, but can't imagine getting close to 5K hands for the week. I'll probably have to work on a schedule so I can better organize my sessions in my day to day routine. That will be one of my goals for this week I guess.

      Shape up the blog. create some interesting content about my progress and something I would want to read.
      Make a schedule where I can fit in the family, work, sports, social life, relaxation and poker.
      Play at least 5K hands a week. Goal for the year is 50K hands minimum
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      Daily graph

      This hand kinda has me bugged. To aggressive vs an unknown?

      Poker Stars, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
      Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

      SB: $9.90 (99 bb)
      BB: $14.93 (149.3 bb)
      UTG: $12.20 (122 bb)
      MP: $6.83 (68.3 bb)
      CO: $10.18 (101.8 bb)
      Hero (BTN): $10 (100 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BTN with :8h: :Kh:
      3 folds, Hero raises to $0.25, SB calls $0.20, BB calls $0.15

      Flop: ($0.75) :Jh: :7h: :2d: (3 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $0.40, SB raises to $1.62, BB folds, Hero calls $1.22

      Turn: ($3.99) :Tc: (2 players)
      SB bets $2.54, Hero raises to $8.13 and is all-in, SB calls $5.49 and is all-in

      River: ($20.05) :8c: (2 players, 2 are all-in)

      $20.05 pot ($0.90 rake)
      Final Board: :Jh: :7h: :2d: :Tc: :8c:
      SB showed :Kc: :Jc: and won $19.15 ($9.25 net)
      Hero showed :8h: :Kh: and won $0.00 (-$9.90 net)

      1K hands today, I might find some time to grind a couple of hours later tonight, which could mean I'd reach my 5K week goals this week after all. I'm a little bit under 4K hands for the week now, and my schedule does not allow for much more time except maybe tonight.

      The false start is almost undone and obviously we want to keep the green line going up. I've tweaked my game a bit. The gap between VPIP and PFR was to big and 3b% to low. Essentially I did not play my A-game for the first 2.5K games I guess. I can immediately notice the change bringing more calm in my game.

      I previously talked about adding a personal challenge to the grind. Mostly for motivation, but also for ambition.
      I have several goals I'm opting to make for the year. Sample goals are fine, money goals less. But nevertheless I'm aiming for a certain amount of profit over 50K hands.

      [*] Before 31/12/2017 23:59 have 50K hands in my database between 10NL and 25NL
      [*] At least $500 in profit at 31/12/2017 23:59 excluding rakeback.

      Weekly routine

      Mondays: two 2 hour sessions. Late afternoon and late evenings
      Tuesday: four 2 hour sessions: Entire day
      Wednesday: No poker
      Thursday: Evening database review
      Friday: one 2 hour session late evening
      Saturday: one 2 hour session late afternoon
      Sunday: If not playing MTT's three 2 hour sessions Late afternoon till late night.

      Monday: 10 km run
      Tuesday: 120 km road or MTB with team
      Wednesday: work, no sports
      Thursday: Gym (3hour session)
      Friday: 65 km road or MTB with trainer
      Saturday: Gym (1,5 hour session)
      Sunday: Competition

      I work about 32 hours a week and have a couple of kids. It's less busy than you would think.
    • J1zzC0
      Joined: 20.08.2017 Posts: 91
      And this hand... any comments?

      Poker Stars, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
      Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

      SB: $14.23 (142.3 bb)
      Hero (BB): $10 (100 bb)
      UTG: $8.12 (81.2 bb)
      MP: $21.99 (219.9 bb)
      CO: $1.93 (19.3 bb)
      BTN: $10.36 (103.6 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with :Td: :Jh:
      UTG folds, MP calls $0.10, CO calls $0.10, 2 folds, Hero checks

      Flop: ($0.35) :9h: :Kd: :Qs: (3 players)
      Hero checks, MP bets $0.30, CO calls $0.30, Hero raises to $1.40, MP calls $1.10, CO calls $1.10

      Turn: ($4.55) :9d: (3 players)
      Hero bets $2.60, MP calls $2.60, CO calls $0.43 and is all-in

      River: ($10.18) :Qd: (3 players, 1 is all-in)
      Hero bets $5.90 and is all-in, MP calls $5.90

      $21.98 pot ($0.99 rake)
      Final Board: :9h: :Kd: :Qs: :9d: :Qd:
      Hero showed :Td: :Jh: and lost (-$10 net)
      MP showed :Qc: :Kc: and won $20.99 ($10.99 net)
      CO showed :Kh: :Ad: and lost (-$1.93 net)
    • DaToepFa
      Joined: 02.11.2006 Posts: 4,260
      The K8s Hand is too aggressive vs unknown. I don't think you have any FE left on the turn. I would just call the turn with your 13 outs and fold the river to another bet if you miss.

      I assume MP is also unknown in the JTo hand. Flop is an easy bet for me since many hands that MP and CO would limp have hit something here. You want to build a big pot with your hand and not give them the option to check behind. A check/raise looks way stronger and they will fold many mediocre hands with which they call the turn again already on the flop. That you get two callers with your checkraise here is lucky but you should not let these results convince you that check/raise is the best line here. 2nd barrel on the turn. Check/fold river. Your hand is officially dead with that double-paired board.