Making the tough fold.

    • Smileyphil
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      I would just like to take a moment to reflect on a skill I have recently acquired.
      The poker strategy advice has greatly helped my game but I have always had a massive leak. Sometimes you know your behind. The ace on the flop to your Kings, the massive reraise after you lead AQ preflop and the 4th heart hitting the board crushing your beautiful top pair. In these situations wishful thinking takes over and instead of bowing out gracefully and saving the other half of your stack - you push it all in. Why we do this I have no idea. It is wasteful and it kills our profits. However, I am now beginning to gain the skill to throw away these dead hands. Even if it has cost me a large investment.

      Does anyone else have similar problems?
      I have noticed a dramatic increase in my profits since I cut out this horrendous leak. I think it might be one of the worst.
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    • slikec
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      I think we all had this problem and i still can not fold sometimes in those situations. Usually fold is best decision so congrats on your progress ;)
    • Ka0s
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      Yeah I think everybody had this problem too. It still occurs sometimes, but not often. You know you're most likely beat and you still call. Most of the time I called to show the table my hand so everybody sees how big he sucked out :) .
      That's pride and feelings getting in the way. Knowing when to fold is a great skill, so my congrats too ;) .
    • Frakkk
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      I totally agree! As the saying goes: Money saved is money earned!

      Although sometimes when you feel that you are getting bluffed, you have to take the risk and call! There is nothing more rewarding when you catch a 100BB all-in bluff:D
    • Jaissica
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      This is my own biggest, most massive leak. Most recent example - I lost a full BSS stack with 10-6 on the BB into this flop -

      6 6 7

      I re-raised a half pot raiser and got shoved at. I knew - KNEW - in my gut that I was outkicked or looking at a 7s full. Yet I paid it. I called 90BB into a tiny pot.

      Villain shows A6.

      Its like a train wreck and you are the train.
    • TribunCaesar
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      Making good folds is essential for successfull poker players. That's something you have to learn through logical thinking, and poker experience. As I always asdvise, post hands where you have tough situations to get advise an an exact situation.

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