Elephant Licences

    • Jaissica
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      Hi there,

      I installed Elephant today (trial of course) and was utterly blown away by it. It is nothing short of spectacular. For example KNEW I was leaking like a sieve for QQ and Elephant confirmed from logs (down net 250 BBs in 15 hands of QQ).

      Ive two questions -

      * Does anyone have an idea of approximately how many "Titan points" it will take to hit 1,000 SPP to clear the licence? Ive got 18 to date :(

      * If its going to be significantly more than 3 weeks playtime (assuming it will be at a couple of hours a day 5c/10cNL) can I just buy a licence? I get the feeling this is a never-going-back piece of software right here.
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